Megatraction Equipment Inc.

Megatraction Equipment Inc.


Working safely involves using the safest equipment. That is why the MEGALIFTER control system complies with ISO 13849-1 which “provides safety requirements and guidance on the principles for the design and integration of safety-related parts of control systems (SRP/CS), including the design of software”. Compliance with this standard means that our equipment achieves the highest (Class 4) risk assessment level when applied to arresting the system in an emergency situation.

Megatraction Equipment Inc. carefully evaluates every project and generates a detailed safety procedure for each lift based on the specific site conditions and the client’s standards and procedures. This includes general arrangement drawings and JSA (Job Safety Assessment) in text and schematic format.

Resulting from both the design of the equipment as well as the attention to detail that we apply to our operations, MEI is proud to say that we have a perfect record for safe work after performing a total of more than 100 lifts on three continents.


  • 100% redundant hydraulic function. Highest reliability against any potential hazard.
  • Minimum overall factor of safety of 2:1 under the most critical load case combination possible.
  • Emergency stop buttons located at the base of each jacking point and in the control area.
  • Highly robust structural performance in the case of severe overload during lifting; i.e. dynamic loading due to blasting in close proximity, seismic events.
  • The geometry of the system gives inherent resilience to leg to leg elevation difference due to soil failure (up to 24”).
  • Voltage display and phase order monitoring with two pilot lights. The display of voltage and phase sequence is another safety feature that eliminates having to open electrical boxes when initially supplying the system.


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