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Megalifter®'s description

MEGALIFTER® is the mining industries first and only patented heavy lift system designed specifically for undecking and redecking mine shovels.

Since 1997 MEGALIFTER® has been employed by the world’s most safety oriented mining operations to perform the critical maintenance functions on mine shovels of all types and size. With a design capacity of over 3,000,000 lbs MEGALIFTER® can safely lift worlds’ largest mine shovels complete with Truck and Boom as well as the capability to include the handle and dipper if desired.

More about Megalifter

Employing twin-jacks at each lifting point MEGALIFTER® has built in redundancy and provides ultimate reliability for even the most extreme conditions. With twice the capacity needed to support the world’s heaviest shovels MEGALIFTER is designed to withstand seismic loads up to 7.0 and wind loads to 130 km/h.

MEI is developing a suite of tools designed to facilitate comprehensive shovel maintenance projects. Together with our Engineered Solutions Services we are striving to invent new technologies, which make a difficult job safer, faster and easier. We will work with you to develop solutions for your specific request.

After 21 years of design evolution and a perfect track record for safety, MEGALIFTER® is your best insurance for successful lifting operations and the protection of one of your most important production assets.


  • Fully mature technology based on over 21 years of design evolution in the mining industry.
  • Safely lift shovels of any size, make or type with truck and boom on.
  • Patented twin-jack and rigid frame design, redundancy and ISO 13849-1 certified.
  • Wide range of options available. Don’t see what you need? Ask us to implement it.


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