Megatraction Equipment Inc.

Megatraction Equipment Inc.

Electric shovels

MEGALIFTER® can be used on any make of electric shovel equipped with standard tracks commonly found in hard rock mining operations. The wide leg spacing of MEGALIFTER® affords ample area for circulation about the truck body unimpeded by wires, bracing or supports of any kind.

The wide stance but small footprint of the MEGALIFTER® opens up an entirely free area under the shovel once the truck is removed. MEGALIFTER® is fully self-standing and does not employ any cross bracing that impedes access the equipment under the upper works of the shovel.

Used together with MEGALIFTER® our MEGALIFTER SYNCHRO® allows you to lift the carbody (truck) at the same time as the upper works to allow for complete load roller and side frame replacement. Computer control of the synchronous lift keep the lifting planes parallel and ensuring that zero load is applied to the center pin and nut. This robust stability applies even on less than optimal staging area (ground) and in close proximity shocks due to blasting.

MEGALIFTER® OS is designed specifically to service high flotation shovels like the Oil Sands type shovels that are equipped with extra wide 12-ft crawlers.

The arrangement of the MEGALIFTER® OS provides an extra wide stance that precludes the need to make time consuming modifications or substitution of your track pads on installation of the system.

MEI has implemented the longer beams on the OS without any sacrifice to the structural stability of the system.

Hydraulic excavators

Not only capable of lifting a full size electric shovel MEGALIFTER®’s configuration allows it to service any model of hydraulic shovel on the market which are seeing increasing use in mining today.

Mining history was made in November 2013 when Shell Albian used a MEGALIFTER® to undeck a Hitachi EX8000 hydraulic mining shovel with attachments in place.

According to Shell it was “…the very first time this has ever been done in the world for that particular shovel…” (source: Monthly Communication Paper, Shell Albian Sands, January 2014)


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