Megatraction Equipment Inc.

Megatraction Equipment Inc.

The first tool specifically designed for Shovel side lifting

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Breakdown / Undercarriage Changeover / Sideframe replacement / Inspection

Megatraction is proud to bring the very first dedicated and automated shovel side lifting system, to the mining industry.

Side lifting methods are frequently used for shovel maintenance but despite all cautions, this necessary lifting task remains always a safety concern. In fact, high hydraulic pressures, exposure to the “line of fire”, and lift setups often proving difficult to standardize, are a constant headache for shovel maintenance planners and supervisors.

The SIDELIFTER is especially designed to transform this critical task into a Safe, Flexible, Quick and Easy lifting solution.



  • Low working pressure (3000 psi).
  • Totally enclosed hydraulic components.
  • Self-levelling automated system.
  • Equalized pressures minimizing stresses on shovel structure.
  • Optimal stability, pyramid-like shapes.



  • Designed to provide complete freedom and operational autonomy to the mine.
  • Risk management and friendly user interface.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, system made to withstand sideloads, continuously.
  • Made for «in pit» operations.
  • Ease of mob/demob, no cranes required.



  • Clean and repeatable setups.
  • Quick and easy mob/demob either for breakdown or planned maintenance.
  • Complete access to the sideframe and its components.



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