Megatraction Equipment Inc.

Megatraction Equipment Inc.

Performance specifications

Applying the most stringent criteria, Megatraction Equipment Inc. designed the MEGALIFTER® to be the ultimate shovel lifting solution. Its development was heavily informed by the demands expressed to us by the world’s leaders in mine maintenance. MEGALIFTER® incorporates the following design aspects:

Universal application

  • Can be fit to any type or size of shovel or hydraulic excavator on the market today
  • Can separate shovels in any lift mode be it boom-on or boom-off, boom/handle/dipper on or boom lowered
  • Wide span construction (up to 60 ft) that can accommodate any width of tracks (up to 12 ft) while keeping ample clearance to walk out the car body
  • High extension capacity that can allow separating any shovel while walking the car body either to the front (normal) or towards the rear (on-demand for many models)

Safety & structural aspects

  • Safe lifting design based on the principle that the load is completely supported not suspended (e.g. crane)
  • Rigid frame design that can allow lateral winds up to 130 km/hr with no lateral swing of the structure
  • 100% structural & hydraulic redundancy that permits a 100% unplanned overload on any component without damage to the structure and providing high worker confidence for working underneath the load
  • Twin jack lifting structure, each side capable of supporting the total load while keeping a comfortable safety factor on bulk & burst limits
  • Each jack hydraulically independent from the other by means of a tap-in-body counterbalance valve
  • Total independence and safety from failures on any hydraulic component outside of the jacks
  • High flexural resistance capacity that can sustain ground failure (sudden vertical displacement) of up to 12 inches at any lifting point without loss of overall structural stability.
  • Robust earthquake resistance criteria of 7 Richter scale (9 Richter on-demand) that also provides inherent structural resistance to mine blasts in close proximity.
  • Absolute fail safe response to any possible failure of the hydraulic systems

Assembly, loading & transportation

  • Portable and compact design that can be loaded by a single crane in only two pre-assembled pieces, e.g. the front and rear lifting assemblies
  • The entire system can be readily transported when part-assembled with two (2) truck loads on controlled (internal) roadways
  • Normal trucking on public roads (disassembled) requires 4 to 6 loads, depending on local road limitations
  • Easy and quick three step installation on any shovel can typically be executed in a single shift using our weld-less type jigs
  • Clean and compact 4 lift points design that allows 100% free access for workers and equipment all around the raised shovel

Operational performance

  • Full automatic to full manual operating control modes, easy set up of desired reference lifting plane and accurate monitoring of the lifting plane relative to the reference plane
  • Lifting and lowering precision of up to 1/8 in with respect to the preset reference lifting plane
  • Lifting speeds of over to 2 in/min and lowering of up to 4 in/min allowing lifts in as little as 40 minutes and lowering in 20 minutes
  • Micro-speed when lowering in re-decking operation as low as 1/8 in per minute
  • Upper/lower parts laser based parallel control system allowing achieving accurate parallelism of the upper deck with the car body to facilitate re-decking

Controls characteristics

  • ISO 13849-1-Class 4 (Design and integration of safety-related parts of control systems (SRP/CS))
  • PLC controlled lifting program with laser level sensors
  • Control parameters:
    • Cylinder pressure monitoring
    • Leg extension monitoring (camera and laser)
    • Maximum leg to leg deviation monitoring
    • Leg to leg maximum extension deviation protection
  • Fully automated PLC based or manual c/w laser level
  • Convenient electrical quick connects
  • Voltage display and phase order monitoring
  • E-stops at each jacking leg as well as in the operator’s cabin
  • Low 24VDC voltage used in the main control panel and at each jacking leg control box


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